The Women Playmakers Lab

The Women Playmakers Lab (WPL)

Where is she?

Where are the women playwrights? Directors? Producers?

The Women Playmakers Lab seeks to foster and strengthen the success of South Florida women playwrights and directors by providing structured access to locally and nationally acclaimed mentors in production, innovative storytelling and stagecraft with the goal of incubating high-quality viable productions and a network of local patronage.

Why This Now?

I’m a writer who has produced and directed everything from Broadway licensed musicals to intimate poetry events to locally commissioned productions. As I sought to deepen my stagecraft and storytelling, I was surprised to find that I might have to return to graduate school to do that or leave South Florida. Women I know with compelling stories have been lured away to New York, London and Los Angeles, when their work could have found legs right here. You know it’s not just about great storytelling. It’s about building a financially sustainable production from concept to final curtain. Women in South Florida have the stories; they don’t have to leave to sustain their productions.

Mentored by industry professionals, a small group of talented women in theatre can each bring one compelling concept through to a full-scale production. Right here in South Florida.

Examples of what I hope we achieve:

Here is a working model of this idea in NY.

This is a great example of interactive storytelling here. (But it’s only a few days in the year.)

We’re negotiating with a great venue now.

Who would you like to learn from, and what could help you? Let us know below.


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