Video Broadcasts

On Wednesday, July 9, on behalf of the Universal Foundation for Better Living, I’m facilitating a YouTube broadcast with the topic: “How Can Churches Remain Relevant in the Digital Age?”

Click below to watch the broadcast:

Our panelists include:

Rev. Dr. Anna Price, provost of the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary and author of the book, Time Well Spent: A New Thought about Prison Ministry

Jacqueline Hazel, CEO of Supreme Esteem and Forgiveness Forecast Announcer

Invited guests include Rev. Sherri James, Rev. Sheree Thompson, Rev. Doral Pulley and Joshua Lee.

***Please ask questions in the comment box below***

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8 thoughts on “Video Broadcasts

  1. hi just got the tail end with the closing comments, as a person who watches church on line as a result of my life, I appreciate the ability to communicate with my church community via this digital format.

  2. Thanks Nerissa for starting this new format and I didn’t have to drive an hour from home to participate yippee

  3. I think we should a curriculum that spans across the international landscape if classes are offered quarterly 50% of the classes should be available online and the times should be stagger to meet the needs of the students
    The classes should be long enough to attract people and no to long to dis way people

  4. Hi Nerissa, I’m now hooked up to Hangout! Thanks to Mitchell! I’m looking forward to tonight’s panel discussion. Jackie Hazel. Ps Thanks for all you do to move UTC and UFBL forward in technology

  5. Looking forward to this discussion.

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