Bullying Resources

It’s no secret. It hurts to be bullied.

Here are 5 tools to #beyourownanswer, and end the cycle of bullying.

1. Know Who You Are.

Within a drop of water is enough latent energy to destroy a 10-story building. You body is made up of 65% water. That means you are a powerful being. You are God’s beloved child. A bully’s words only hurt you if you believe you are powerless.

2. Care for Yourself

Use the power you have. First, remember who you are. Ignore the bully’s words. It’s not your job to change his or her mind. Walk away. Do something that you love and find someone who appreciates you. You deserve the best.

3. Know That the Bully Is Hurting Too

Hurt people will hurt others. Someone made your bully feel powerless, and bullying is the way they try to feel better. If that worked, they wouldn’t have to keep doing it. Bullies have forgotten who they are.

4. Pray for Your Bully

There is anger and bitterness in the heart of your bully, and that’s no way to live. Only the Holy Spirit can heal that. If you insult a bully, you’ve accepted anger into your heart too. Remember Matthew 5:44. Your compassion for the pain a bully feels is a healing presence, if not for the bully, then for you and everyone else around you.

5. Sow a Seed of Kindness

Someone sowed a seed of pain and anger into your bully’s heart, and he or she decided to share the fruit with you. You don’t have to accept it. Sow a seed of hope and kindness into someone else’s life. You are a constant gardener.  Any time you are bullied, follow these steps and take the last step by doing something wonderful for someone. Your kindness may help someone let go of their anger—so that they don’t become a bully too.

Feel free to share this guide. Please don’t cut and paste, but share the link where you’ve found it, so others can find it and more! For more great tips, go to www.nerissastreet.com


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