Leaving Faith Behind

I’ve talked about faith in the real world.

I’m not sure faith is the best word for the experience I think is possible for you.

At this time, I’m preparing to host a large-scale fundraising event for one of my favorite organizations. It involves sponsors, artists, performers and filmmakers, social media, speakers and a 3-floor venue. It’s gotten feature media coverage from 2 major outlets and it will be documented extensively. It’s in 2 days.

Right now, the weather is monsooning.

I have no worry. There is work in front of me to do, and I’m taking care of it and myself.
At the end if the day, that’s what you can do: what’s in front of you.
I’ve already seen the outcome. It’s in my intention. Whatever happens, I’m not attached to it. It won’t turn out the way I think it should have. But it will be what I intended.

I trust that. So I challenge you to move beyond faith into trust. That’s what Be Still and Know is about.

Where does the knowing come from? That’s my next post.

What’s your experience been? What do you have faith in, and what are you struggling with?
What do you know that you “know”?

Comment below.

(Update: The outcome? 150 people swarmed our 3-floor venue and loved up 4 teens in foster care who took a chance on their self-expression. Pictures to come.)


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