A Word on Resilience

what's within you?

what’s within you?

Because of now-undeniable climate change and global economic shifts, the philosophy of resilience has taken on a new relevance. If we’re under a lot of stress on a regular basis, being resilient means you can handle the demands:

It’s more serious than that, even.

We’re truly unprepared for the coming world if we rely on the knowledge we already have. But if we build our capacity to grow and adapt, our ability to thrive is assured.

Resilience is the power to maintain integrity while under adversity, stress or trauma; it is flexibility and strength.

My challenge to my clients and students is always: What inner resource do you draw strength from when things around you change? Because things will always change.

My personal mission is to gather people, open their hearts and grow their souls. Feedback is essential to knowing that my work is relevant. Since you’re sharing this work with your networks, I know that it’s valuable to you. Now, I have an opportunity for you to interact with me and connect to my audience.

On Saturday, May 17, I will host an interactive discussion and experience in collaboration with artists and community organizations around the theme of Resilience.

I would be honored if you would share your story of resilience: by video, webcam, podcast, imagery or email. I will share that story with my audience. Please share your website, blog address, twitter handle or whatever way they can reach you. Submit links to your message (no longer than 5 minutes if audio/video) to the Be Your Own Answer Facebook page. If you want to private message, you can email the page as well. We will curate the messages on that evening, but the links will stay on the webpage for people to access after the event.

Looking forward to hearing your voice.




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