The Missing Piece: Why the Dream Takes So Long to Manifest

When I work with children, I’m amazed at how much energy they put into any activity that they take on.

One day, I saw a child putting together a puzzle. She had a surly look on her face. She was frustrated because one piece just wouldn’t fit in the space she had created.

I looked over her shoulder. It seemed that two puzzles had been mixed together. The piece she was using belonged in another puzzle.

And so it is with the evolution of our lives.

When you begin to grow up,

your life = your job + your family + your car + your apartment + your friends + other stuff

The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

…and they fit together, one being the natural offshoot of the other. They are part of who you understand yourself to be.

As you move toward the fulfillment of your dreams, your identity shifts.  The picture of who you are changes, and so the puzzle you are putting together has different pieces. We still try to fit them together the same way, or we try to use the same pieces to create a different picture.

That’s why as you grow:

  • you can’t drive the same car and be satisfied
  • your relationship with your family changes
  • you adjust how you spend your time at home
  • your friends grow with you or fall away
  • you are no longer satisfied with the same type of work

This is why things take longer than you expect. Your environment has to change to make a space for your success. If you cling to the things that no longer serve you, the space can’t be made.

The friend that thinks all rich people are thieves can’t make the journey with you to a prosperous life. The woman who thinks all men are dogs won’t understand it when you want to spend more time with your boo.

Let them grow or let it go. Don’t try to fit yourself into the wrong puzzle.


Chasing planes: Why Your Dream Hasn’t Gotten Off the Ground

I pass an airport on a regular basis.

I love watching the planes take off. My mother traveled constantly when I was growing up (many times taking me with her), and there was always a sense of adventure and possibility when we went to the airport.

I got my first passport at 5, and when I was 6, I got my Pan Am wings because I flew by myself for the first time.

Junior Clipper Wings

Junior Clipper Wings

In my mind, I was pretty much a superstar. I love flying.

That was until recently.

A few years ago, my mother had the opportunity to learn the ins and the outs of aerodynamics. She loves flying too, and told me about the power that is necessary to get a plane off the ground.

“Did you know that it weighs 100 tons, EMPTY??” she said, even more enamored with the miracle of modern transportation.

Wow, I thought, Cool!!

Then I got older.

Life does something funny to you as you experience more things.

You lose your sense of wonder and awe. You know how things are done, and the miracle of how things work together is sometimes lost. I didn’t realize that until I got on a plane recently.

I had a panic attack.

I’ve been flying since I was in my mother’s arms. What the…?

It happened again and again. I am a pretty reasonable person with a strong belief system, and that’s what got me through it.

Finally, after some deep reflection, I realized the fear wrapped around knowing just how much weight was coming off the ground. And just how much could go horribly wrong. That’s the stuff that stops us.

Yes, things can go horribly wrong when you throw everything into what you’re passionate about. Things go horribly wrong when you live a mediocre life too.

The most dangerous times during a flight are take-off and landing. That’s when the plane is the least aerodynamic. And so the pilot stores the wheels as soon as they clear the runway.

We take a step forward and we keep our wheels down, waiting for the right reason to hit the ground again.

That’s the real reason you haven’t gotten off the ground. You’ve got to give up your wheels for your wings.

It will be bumpy when you start off. Get over it, and get off the ground.

Give up your wheels for your wings. The world is waiting for you.

Credit: HD Wallpaper

Credit: HD Wallpaper